Paul Slocum / 980 S. Arroyo Pkwy #200 / Pasadena, CA 91105 / (214) 676-5347

paulslocumgmailcom / /

University of Texas in Dallas, Bachelor of Computer Science, summa cum laude
And/Or Gallery director and owner since 2006


Produced and curated historical video game art exhibition at And/Or Gallery (forthcoming)
Produced and curated exhibitions of JODI and Kristin Lucas at And/Or Gallery

Produced and curated exhibitions of Brenna Murphy, Jacob Ciocci, and Joel Holmberg at And/Or Gallery
Spin Gallery at UT Dallas / Critical Mass group exhibition

Re-opened And/Or Gallery in Pasadena, CA

Fluxfactory in New York / VML performance for Strobe Network
Light Industry in New York / presentation of Mike Builds a Shelter videogame by Michael Smith

Goat Farm in Atlanta / VML group performance

Clocktower Gallery in New York / Dream Driver group performance
Dallas Museum of Art / Boom Town exhibition

Seoul Square in Korea / large-screen public art installation curated by Lauren Cornell

Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York / Amnesia group exhibition
Postmasters in New York / Play Station and BYOB: Games Edition co-curated with Marcin Ramocki
National Electronics Museum in Baltimore / MIDI Users Group audiovisual performance with Travis Hallenbeck
Mercer Union in Toronto / The Sound of Art audiovisual performance
Speed Show in Barcelona, Spain / The Influencers 2011 group exhibition
Synchronicity Space in Los Angeles / Man, Such As We Know Him, Is A Computer group exhibition

MOMA PS1 / Greater New York group exhibition
InterAccess in Toronto / group exhibition
Artlies Magazine / Authored New Media and the Gallery essay
A + D Gallery in Chicago / Data Mining group exhibition
Espace Multim´┐Żdia Gantner in Bourogne, France / group exhibition
Playlist exhibition at iMAL in Brussels, Belgium / group exhibition
SPEED SHOW in Berlin, Germany / group exhibition
Art Boom Festival in Krakow, Poland / group exhibition
Brakhage Symposium in Colorado / screening
Light Industry in New York / screening and presentation in Basel, Switzerland / group exhibition
Southfirst Gallery in New York / group exhibition

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver / solo exhibition
The Green Gallery in Milwaukee / two-person exhibition
Playlist exhibition at Laboral in Gijon, Spain / group exhibition
McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas / group exhibition
Art Boom Festival in Krakow, Poland / performance
Cottage Home in Los Angeles / group exhibition
Postmasters in New York / group exhibition

New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York / group exhibition Montage: Unmonumental Online
CANADA in New York / group exhibition
ArtHouse in Austin, Texas / co-curator of reset/play exhibition
Art Moving Projects in New York / installation of Transformer Fire
Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas / group exhibition
iMAL in Brussels, Belgium / group exhibition
Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore / group exhibition sight.sound
Root Division in San Francisco / group exhibition Sound Sculpture
Glasstire in Houston / commission for online Spirit Surfers project
VertexList in New York / two-person exhibition with Kevin Bewersdorf
Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas / solo exhibition

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston / group exhibition Nexus Texas Networked Music Review / commission for You're Not My Father project
VertexList in New York / group exhibition Bitmap
EyeBeam in New York / performance for Blip Festival
Long Island University in Brooklyn / group exhibition Digital Political Time Lapse
Okay Mountain in Austin / two-person exhibition Passing Time and the Changing Seasons of Time
Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas / group exhibition Everything
Dallas Museum of Art / panel discussion: Art and Technology
Okay Mountain in Austin / video screening
Road Agent in Dallas / group exhibition
Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas / collaboration with Brian Fridge for his solo show Photographs

VertexList in New York / solo exhibition and performance for 10 year anniversary
TAG in The Hague, Netherlands / performance and talk
Monkeytown in New York / video screening for Laptops vs. Craptops
Swingspace in New York / video installation for Manic and Wasted show
Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas / installation for I35 Biennial
Center for the Living Arts in Mobile, AL / group show
Road Agent in Dallas / mini-solo exhibition for Ambush series
RX Gallery in San Francisco / The GIF Show
FITC festival in Toronto / performance and talk
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts in Houston / performance and talk
Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas / installation for group exhibition

New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York / Artbase 101 group exhibition
Deitch Projects in New York / performance and talk
The National Center for the Arts in Mexico City / installation and performance for Transitio MX
The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art / installation for Moving Pictures exhibition
Exit Art in New York / installation for Traffic exhibition
Futuresonic Festival in Manchester, UK / performance and art talk
Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York / performance
The McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas / installation for Southside retrospective
Le Confort Moderne in Pointiers, France / performance
Spaceworks in New York / circuit boards installation for BENT 2005
Southside Artist Residency Program in Dallas / 1 year resident

Liverpool Biennial / video screening
Readme Software Art Festival in Arhus, Denmark / installation, lecture, and performance
Foxy Productions Gallery in New York / Cory and Jamie Arcangel's Infinite Fill Show
iamstatic in Toronto / video installation
Eyebeam in New York / video screening by Ed Halter
Spaceworks in New York / installation for BENT 2004
New York Underground Film Festival / performance
Dallas Museum of Art / performance

Flux Factory in New York / installation and performance
CinemaTexas Film Festival in Austin / performance and talk
Little Theatre in Seattle / installation and performance for Obsolete Media show


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