a t a r i . 2 6 0 0

c l i m b e r 5

g u n f i g h t

j a m m e d

m a r b l e
c r a z e

o y s t r o n

q b

s p a c e
i n s t i g a t o r s

s t a r
f i r e

t h r u s t

c o l e c o v i s i o n

s p a c e
i n v a d e r s
c o l l e c t i o n
p a c k

v i d e o p a c /
o d y s s e y 2

k i l l
t h e
a t t a c k i n g
a l i e n s

o y s t r o n

By Piero Cavina
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Piero wrote a multi-sprite demo back in 1997 which eventually evolved into Oystron and went on to win Glenn Saunders' Stella List programming contest in 1998. Your objective in Oystron is to shoot the Space Oysters and convert them to pearls, collecting the pearls and then depositing them into the Pearls Zone. When you complete a row of pearls, you will receive a bomb to use against the Oystron. Enemies will attempt to steal the pearls once they reach the left edge of the screen, so you must act quickly!

Near the end of each level, the Oystron enters the screen and you must kill him by dropping bombs, trying not to let him get away. The game also includes a Warp Phase, where you travel at high speed between Space Oysters and enemies.


- Three difficulty levels
- Large variety of enemies
- Unique and challenging gameplay


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Review by Jim Nitchals