x y p e . p r o g r a m m e r s

Andrew Davie - "Qb"
Andrew is from Australia. He is currently working on hi-res full color graphics on the 2600 and runs a newbie 2600 programming forum on Atariage .

Christopher Tumber - "Space Instigators"
Christopher lives in Canada. He is currently working on a game called Fade Out. He's also done some work with the vectrex.

Dennis Debro - "Climber 5"
Dennis lives in Georgia and is currently working on disassembling original Atari games .

Eduardo Mello - "Space Invaders Collection Pack" (Colecovision)
Eduardo lives in Brazil. He's now porting Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and other games to the Colecovision. You can keep up with his latest projects on his webpage .

Manuel Rotschkar - "Gunfight", "Star Fire"
Manuel lives in Germany. His latest project is porting the arcade game Seawolf to the 2600. Check out his Epyx shrine and read about his projects on his webpage.

Paul Slocum - "Marble Craze"
Paul is from Texas. He's currently working on an RPG for the 2600 using the characters of Homestar Runner. Check out some of his Atari 2600 music and other projects on his webpage

Piero Cavina - "Oystron"
Piero lives in Italy where he has taken a long pause from 2600 programming to collect pinball machines. :o)

Thomas Jentzsch - "Thrust", "Jammed"
Thomas lives in Germany. He has been writing 1K minigames for the 2600 which you can check out on the Atariage forums: Splatform, Crash Dive, and Cave 1K.