Spirit Surfers, 2008, ongoing
co-founder and author for collaborative net-art blog (ongoing)
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Backwards Contemporary Christian Music Compilation, 2015
A compilation of contemporary Christian music played backwards.
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Magic Carpet, 2011
Generative music iOS app that displays sets of spinning rugs and quilts.
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Game Of Life Spacetime Visualizations, 2010, ongoing
Set of prints made by extruding the time domain of Conway's Game of Life sequences into the Z-axis and then rendering them in a ray tracer.
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Orange Cat Study, 2009
Set of large prints of orange CGI cats featuring Garfield, Heathcliff, and an unknown skiing cat each demonstrating a different 3D rendering technique.
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One frame of a GIF animation printed and hung above a video projection of the same animation scaled to approximately 66%, 2008
digital print and video
media: image   original GIF animation
You're Not My Father, 2008
Re-enactments solicited through the Internet of a 10 second scene from Full House, a commission for Networked Music Review
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Pi House Generator, 2008
Software to generate house music from the digits of Pi
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Four Seasons of Work Desktops, 2007
Screen captures of my computer desktop at my day job, collected over two years
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Hats, 2007
Digital video made using an image by Chad Hopper
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Deep House for Symphonic Band and Choir, 2006
dance club/rave music composed for high school or college band and choir.
duration is 3 minutes / installation size is approximately 8 x 8 feet
media: installation image   detail image   audio
Static, 2006
high-definition video
media: web page version
Powerup, 2006
video program for Vectrex game system with video camera and monochrome monitor
media: installation image
media: still   preview video
Last Chair, 2006
me + Elton John
duration is 1 minute 55 seconds
media: still   preview video
Time Lapse Homepage, 2005
high-definition video
length is 1 minute
media: still   preview video
Color Sequencer, 2005
A video sequence programmed on three Atari 2600 game consoles drive three monitors facing the wall.
length is 1 minute, 40 seconds
media: installation image
Century Caller, 2005
phone line and computer setup that when called, returns calls via caller ID after a minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade and century from the time of the original call. Each call plays a short sequence of tones made with samples of my voice. Gallery installation includes painting the phone number on the wall.
media: installation image
Dot Matrix Synth, 2003
interactive hacked Dot Matrix Printer that plays music while printing images
media: installation image   audio
Tree Wave, 2003-2009
beginning of Tree Wave music/video performance project with Lauren Gray, using obsolete computer and videogame equipment
media: performance image   audio

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