Spirit Surfers, 2008, ongoing
co-founder and author for collaborative net-art blog (ongoing)
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Magic Carpet, 2011
Generative music iOS app that displays sets of spinning rugs and quilts.
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Game Of Life Extrusions, 2010, ongoing
Set of prints made by extruding the time domain of Conway's Game of Life sequences into the Z-axis and then rendering them in a ray tracer. Intended to aid in the visualation of space-time.
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Orange Cat Study, 2009
Set of large prints of orange CGI cats featuring Garfield, Heathcliff, and an unknown skiing cat each demonstrating a different 3D rendering technique.
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YTMND Show, 2009
Curatorial project originally installed at And/Or Gallery in 2009 consisting of work from the website YTMND.
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One frame of a GIF animation printed and hung above a video projection of the same animation scaled to approximately 66%, 2008
digital print and video
media: image   original GIF animation
You're Not My Father, 2008
Re-enactments solicited through the Internet of a 10 second scene from Full House, a commission for Networked Music Review
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Pi House Generator, 2008
Software to generate house music from the digits of Pi
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Four Seasons of Work Desktops, 2007
Screen captures of my computer desktop at my day job, collected over two years
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Hats, 2007
Digital video made using an image by Chad Hopper
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Promotional Photos from a Website Printed onto Overhead Transparencies, 2007
Originally posted on Nasty Nets
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Filter-Resistant Spam Hand-Painted on a Sweatshirt, 2007
Thanks to Drx for inspiring the idea.
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Kurt, 2007
Screen recording from video chat room.
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Myspace Homepage, 2007
Working Myspace login page captured and hosted on my server. The site was removed a few years after its launch by my webhost when somebody reported it to Myspace as a phishing site.
media: site link
New Veriform City, 2006
high definition video
duration is 1 minute 30 seconds
edition of 3
media: still   preview video
Deep House for Symphonic Band and Choir, 2006
dance club/rave music composed for high school or college band and choir.
duration is 3 minutes / installation size is approximately 8 x 8 feet
edition of 2 + AP
media: installation image   detail image   audio
Static, 2006
high-definition video
edition of 3 + AP
media: web page version
Powerup, 2006
video program for Vectrex game system with video camera and monochrome monitor
media: installation image
16 x 16 Candles, 2006
the dance scene from Sixteen Candles shown at 720 x 16 resolution with an OPL3 generated sound loop
duration is 2 minutes
edition of 3 + AP
media: still   preview video
Last Chair, 2006
me + Elton John
duration is 1 minute 55 seconds
edition of 5
media: still   preview video
Time Lapse Homepage, 2005
high-definition video
length is 1 minute
edition of 3 + AP
media: still   preview video
Color Sequencer, 2005
A video sequence programmed on three Atari 2600 game consoles drive three monitors facing the wall.
length is 1 minute, 40 seconds
edition of 3
media: installation image
Century Caller, 2005
phone line and computer setup that when called, returns calls via caller ID after a minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade and century from the time of the original call. Each call plays a short sequence of tones made with samples of my voice. Gallery installation includes painting the phone number on the wall.
media: installation image
Ramp Locals, 2005
abstract vector video programmed for the Vectrex videogame console
edition of 2 + AP
media: animated gif
exhibited at: The Dallas Contemporary
AC 120V Weave, 2005
printed circuit board and components
edition of 2 + AP
media: image
DC Power Supply, 2005
printed circuit board and components
edition of 2 + AP
media: image
Patterns for Beating Those Mean City Streets, 2004
Tree Wave (music project) video made by modifying and playing the car game, Dodge 'Em. The game sound was hacked so that the patterns for winning the game generate the chord progression for the music.
DVD, unlimited edition, also performed live
duration is 3 minutes
media: preview video
Infinite B&W Fill Pattern, 2004
endless loop cassette of overlapping bits of Michael Jackson's Black or White in cassette player duct-taped to a strobe light. Originally created for Cory and Jamie Arcangel's Infinite Fill Show. More info here
media: image   audio
Combat, 2004
Tree Wave (music project) video made by deconstructing the Atari 2600 game Combat
DVD, unlimited edition, also performed live
duration is 3 minutes
media: still   preview video
Dot Matrix Synth, 2003
interactive hacked Dot Matrix Printer that plays music while printing images
edition of 5
media: installation image   audio
Tree Wave, 2003
beginning of Tree Wave music/video performance project with Lauren Gray, using obsolete computer and videogame equipment
media: performance image   audio
Combat Rock, 2002
hacked Atari Combat game cartridge that plays Rock the Casbah by The Clash while you play
unlimited edition
media: audio