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[ ...04.19.06... Playing Houston Tomorrow ... ]

We’re playing tomorrow (Thurs the 20th) in Houston at the Cynthia Woods center (University of Houston) as part of Aurora’s Media Archeology Festival. I’ll also be speaking the next day at UH. This is curated by Golan Levin, Lauren Cornell, Marisa Olson, and Nick Hallett.

Here’s the info about the specific event we’re playing. The info and schedule for the Media Archeology Festival are here. I recommend Lovid and My Robot Friend.

[ ...04.7.06... Wall of Sound Festival ... ]

[Dallas-music-scene-specific-rant] We’re playing that Wall of Sound Festival tomorrow in Fort Worth. I really want to appreciate that Lance Yocom (the organizer) is trying to build up the Dallas music scene, but these festivals kinda suck for local bands. Local bands don’t get paid, you don’t get a guest list, you only get free admission to the festival on the day you’re playing. And the final straw is that there was supposed to be a staffed merch booth where you could drop off your stuff and maybe make back your gas money, but he just emailed tonight and said that there’s a change of plans and we’ll have to sell our own merch.

Something about the structure of this thing needs to change to allow just some basic benefits for the bands playing. Probably there should just be fewer bands.

Sucks that we usually get paid the worst in our home town. Maybe that’s the norm tho (seems like a couple of people told me that). Lauren tried to talk me out of doing this show back when we were asked, but you want to be part of your local scene, ya know?

[ ...04.4.06... tttrrr wave ... ]

I’m not sure about this posting work-in-progress music stuff, but I’m gunna give it a shot. here’s a heavily WIP new Tree Wave song that we’re maybe gunna try to play at the Wall of Sound Festival next weekend in Ft Worth. You’ll notice the addition of voice SAMPLES which we used on one song on the original album (Morning Coffee Hymn w/ Casio SK1), but will probably be used a lot in the new stuff. It will only be samples of our own voices tho, nothing else. (btw: that’s a sample of my voice, not Lauren’s)

Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of a new cover song. If anything, I’m getting close to mastering the use of OPL3 + Boss Heavy Metal to create very unique guitar-like sounds. (that audio clip is all OPL3)

[ ...04.2.06... Metro PCS ... ]

Metro PCS ads are in pretty heavy rotation on TV in Dallas now. That stinger at the end that says “Hello Hello Hello” is my work. If anyone’s interested in my advertising music services, check out my demo page here. I’ve done music for Time Warner Cable, Metro PCS, Travelocity, Questia, Quiksilver, and others.

[ ...12.3.05... Mexico/Transition MX ... ]

We’re leaving tomorrow for Mexico City where I’ll be installing my Dot Matrix Synth and we’ll be performing on Thursday as part of Trasitio MX. I heard they’re going to have Jodi there too!!

[ ...11.17.05... More about samplers ... ]

Also, I’ve heard (and experienced) that most (all?) soft-samplers don’t actually sample! They just allow you to USE samples (wav files/mp3s) that you already have. But that’s totally missing the point of what’s so awesome about samplers. When I was in the Sleuths, we’d watch TV with the audio feeding into the sample input, and keep hitting sample until we got something awesome. The key was being able to immediately play the sample on the keyboard as soon as we sampled a clip.

Sure you can accomplish the same thing on the computer by recording stuff in SoundForge, then opening the WAV files in the softsampler. But to me that’s like: nobody actually needs a blogger program, you could render the same thing with HTML.

[ ...11.16.05... Old Skool Samplers Obsolete? ... ]

Before Tree Wave when I was playing in The Sleuths I worked a lot with sampling of the human voice. I miss it and am looking into adding this to the new Tree Wave material and shows. I have an EMAXII rack but it’s huge, and there’s no way I could fly anywhere with it. So I’ve been looking for a newer, smaller sampler.

What’s amazing is that there are hardly any models of traditional samplers still made. From the current samplers I’ve found, all but one were “phrase/drum samplers” which means they are primarily for loops and don’t have much tuning abililty. So on those, you can’t sample a flute and then spread it across the keyboard.

And if they have any pitching ability, it’s done through pitch shift instead of playback speed adjustment. So the new gear changes the pitch without changing the length of the sample. This is great for loops, but it sounds crappier, and one of my favorite things about sampling is the fact that it *does* change the speed at different pitches. I learned to use that for interesting effects when I was in The Sleuths. Only the newer Akai model still works like the old skool samplers, changing the playback speed to affect the pitch.

This may be leading up to the second wave of traditional sampling that I’ve been expecting. Obsolescence is the first step I suppose.

The best candidate I found for small size and still having some traditional pitching ability is the old Akai S20 pictured above. The main drawback being that it only works with floppy disks.

I hate to admit that I’ve also been looking at software solutions. I would not want to use an open laptop at shows, but if I can close it and just use it as a sound module, that might be okay. Especially when used with this

[ ...05.26.05... bbs documentary ... ]

the BBS Documentary is finally done! Ah, the days of 300 baud…

(with music by tree wave)

[ ...02.14.05... new sleuths ... ]

here’s a new song by the sleuths, my other band of 11 years that about 5 people know about. chad and I recorded this one a few weeks ago.


[ ...01.5.05... OLD Techno! ... ]
Inspired by Gary Wicker’s X-Eleven page documenting his failure at a techno music career in the mid 90’s in Dallas, I’ve decided to post my own account of making techno in the 90’s in Dallas.

[ ...07.14.04... tree wave cd / hsr ... ]

My band Tree Wave (music via old computers) has released a CD — more info here.

Making progress on the Homstar RPG. I should have a battle system finally by the end of the month. I’ll post a new demo soon. Sorry it’s taking so long!! But it really will be done before too long.

[ ...07.19.03... tree wave site launched ... ]

New website for my latest music project at treewave.com.

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