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Archive for the 'my music' Category

[ ...09.22.08... Making Guitar Sounds w/ 1992 Dream Team game ... ]

Using the 1992 Olympic Dream Team game against Croatia to make Jesus & Mary Chain guitar sounds:

original song + basketball samples = *really* noisy guitar sound

also there is no guitar in this at all, it’s all FM synthesis. more later…

[ ...07.25.08... Dallas Video Fest / Tree Wave tomorrow ... ]

I’m performing tomorrow at the opening of the Dallas Video Festival. The festival includes work by a bunch of awesome people, read Tom Moody’s writeup about it.

This will probably be my last Tree Wave performance for quite a while because I’m changing out my setup. Although I’m still using the 8bit gear, I will probably not be performing with it any more. I’m now focusing on the sample-based PC software that I started writing a while back, which I wrote about here and Tom Moody interviewed me about here . I’m actively working on adding the features I need to make an album with it. I have short sample of the latest output from the program online here

[ ...05.19.08... NEW!! Cynthcart v1.2.4 ... ]

I’ve released a new version of my Commodore 64 synthesizer cartridge that includes several new features and some fixes. See change log below. The cartridge and EPROM upgrade are available from the Atariage Store and the ROM images and source are available on the Cynthcart page.

Cynthcart v1.2.4 changes:
– PAL and NTSC note tables and autodetection
– full-screen video mode
– second paddle controls pulse width, LFO depth, or pitch
– automatic activation for filter paddle
– improved keyboard layout
– onscreen help
– SID editor help and status display
– dummy SID register to edit 3 oscillators at once
– save an editor patch in memory
– fixed patch/sound change glitch when playing
– fixed bad notes in top octave

[ ...12.26.07... PI/house ... ]

I’m working on a new software project for my upcoming show at Dunn & Brown (January 11th). The program generates house music by progressively calculating the digits of pi and feeding them into an algorithmic music generator that I wrote. Here is a sample of the audio output. This process has some interesting attributes:

– The song is infinitely long and static. Every byte of the audio output is predetermined, even though only a small amount of it has actually been listened to. So you can jump to any measure in the song and it will always play the same music for that measure.

– As the digits of pi progress further and further out, more and more processor cycles are required to calculate the next digit. After months of play, any given computer will not be able to calculate the digits fast enough for the music to play continuously.

– The rate that the number of processor cycles increase per digit is O(NlogN). However based on Moore’s Law, processor power per dollar increases at a exponential rate. So by upgrading your computer regularly with the market trends, you can play the pi/house song indefinitely.

I will post a demo version of the program later when I have some time to clean it up.

[ ...07.23.07... research ... ]

1] awesome god midi

2] christians pirate music

3] current artists: a b c d e

4] leviticus

5] fair use

[ ...03.27.07... TreeWave Show Tonight in Austin w/ 8Bit!!! ... ]

yikes, should have posted this sooner. I’m performing before the showing of 8Bit at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown tonight. Marcin is supposed to be there too. cool.

[ ...03.15.07... Tree Wave in Dallas Sunday!!!! ... ]

hey, I’m playing at the Cavern in Dallas on Sunday with Menomena.

This will be the first live Tree Wave show with STEREOPHONIC SOUND!! I tried running one of the C64’s in stereo at a couple shows before, but it was a hassle and it was really unreliable. I’ve now got a C64 running reliably in stereo using a SID Symphony cartridge (a cart with an extra SID) with a cartridge port expander so I can also use my Cynthcart, and I’ve also got my 386 running in stereo by doing some tricky routing and adding a second BOSS Heavy Metal Pedal.

[ ...03.13.07... Old Music ... ]

I made a myspace for my band from the mid 90’s.

[ ...03.6.07... SXSW ... ]

I’m doing a Tree Wave show (just me again) on Saturday at the huge Dorkbot that’s going on with SXSW Interactive. And I’m speaking on a SXSW interactive panel Sunday morning (ugh) at 10am, see schedule.

PS: I conceded a few weeks ago that I needed to play a show during SXSW Music, but all my connections to get shows already had everything booked solid and had waiting lists. If anyone has any hookups to get me a decent show, lemme know…

[ ...10.16.06... pics from VertexList ... ]

thanks to Marcin, Lauren Cornell, Cory, and everybody else that helped out!! and check it out, Tom wrote a nice mini-review. ah yeah, also thanks to Marisa for loaning me the Members Only. I forget that it gets cold up there!

[ ...08.29.06... 8 Bit trailer ... ]

here’s the preview for the 8-Bit documentary by Marcin Ramocki about video game hacking art and stuff, premiering at Moma Oct 4th. I’ll probably be there. It features footage of the Tree Wave show at Deitch. That’s back when I used to work on music and art instead of sitting around all day surfing Youtube.

also, the 8bit movie website

more info at Tom’s.

[ ...06.27.06... Tree Wave in The Hague ... ]

We’ll be performing Thus (the 29th) at Paard in The Hague (Holland) with SmashTV.

And then I’ll be speaking the next day at Tag talking about my gear and stuff.

[ ...05.24.06... Deep House full mp3 ... ]

okay here’s the final complete version of Deep House for Symphonic Band and Choir.

[ ...04.28.06... Tree Wave tomorrow in Dallas w/ Kid606 ... ]

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