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. . .


sir sampleton (iOS)

cynthcart (C64)

synthcart (atari 2600)

seq. kit (atari 2600)

loopcart (atari 2600)

dot matrix synth

looper (win)


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magic carpet (iOS)

pi house generator


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Archive for the 'my art' Category

[ ...07.18.13... New work at Dallas Museum of Art ... ]

I’ll be showing new Conway’s Game of Life time-extrusion visualizations at the Dallas Museum of Art starting tomorrow for the Boom Town exhibition.

[ ...07.29.11... Visual App Search ... ]

I made a screenshot search engine for iPhone apps. With almost half a million apps out there and not very many good ways to search for them, I wanted a better way to search for weird stuff. I’ll be adding filters and other new features soon.

Example results:


[ ...04.29.11... Magic Carpet ... ]

I just released my second app for iPhone/iPad called Magic Carpet. The app is partly an artwork, but it also doubles as a musical instrument, a hypnosis and meditation tool, a toy, a VJ app, etc. It displays collages of quickly spinning rugs and quilts accompanied by sounds or music generated from a software binaural beat synthesizer and sample player. It can also play music from the device’s music library, and it has a musical instrument mode.

Magic Carpet supports Apple’s composite, component, and VGA cables on the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, and iPad. This enables you to run the app on your iPhone and display the output on a TV or video projector, which is cool. The capability of these devices to output video has a lot of potential for interesting apps.

The app is a buck, you can get it by searching for “Magic Carpet” in the App Store.

Demo vids below, and more vids here.


[ ...07.15.10... iPhone Music App Rough Demo ... ]

This is a rough demo of a new iPhone music app that I plan to release in a few weeks. It’s a sort of musical instrument/meditation tool/artwork. The patterns are made from images of spinning quilts and rugs, and the audio is shifting loops of contemporary Christian music played backwards. The final version will have more advanced sound control and several modes with different samples, spin patterns, and sound options. I will probably also be porting it to Android.

[ ...09.3.09... New Stuff Saturday in Dallas ... ]

I’m in a show opening Saturday, September 5th, 5:30PM – 7:30PM at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary. The show is curated by James Cope and also includes work by Brian Fridge, Amy Revier, and Edward Setina. I’ll be showing three new prints and a print/video combo.

[ ...05.11.09... You’re Not My Father at MCA Denver ... ]

You’re Not My Father is going to be installed at the MCA Denver, show opening this Tuesday. I got one more submission to the project since I finished it, so the version at the museum will be 20 seconds longer with the new footage. Here’s the AVISynth script that I used to edit the raw footage into the exact same cuts as the original clip:

#DJ: 271, 1267, 3130, 3744, (4210)
#close: 6744, 7565, 8704
#walk: 2905, 4750
#sit: 10702


# DJ! (18 frames)

# You can't tell me what to do (82 frames)

# DJ walks away (61 frames)

# Joey sits (216 frames)


#Tweak(clip clip [, float hue] [, float sat] [, float bright] [, float cont] [, bool coring] [, int startHue] [, int endHue] [, int maxSat] [, int minSat] [, int interp])




[ ...10.1.08... Pi House Sample ... ]

Since the Pi House Generator was posted on Make and some other places today and I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, I’m posting a longer sample of the program’s output. This mp3 is an hour and half randomly selected from a 10 hour recording I made recently (~100MB download).

update: here is a torrent of the full 10 hours, please seed!

update2: I’ve been told the torrent isn’t working. I can’t look into it now, but I’ll try again in a few days.

update3: A bunch of people have emailed asking about getting a copy of the Pi House program. I may release it at some point, but it needs some work to be ready for public release and it currently only supports uncompressed samples, which means the samples take up over a gig.

update4: Because I got dugg I had to temporarily remove the mp3s, I ran out of bandwidth. I’m looking for somebody else to host them…

update5: mp3s back up.

[ ...09.28.08... Catalog Update ... ]

I finally updated my artwork catalog.

[ ...07.22.08... Show at CANADA ... ]

I meant to blog this earlier, but I have two pieces in the current show at CANADA in New York. It’s my Work Desktop prints which I’ve shown before, and a new piece called One frame of a GIF animation printed and hung above a video projection of the same animation scaled to approximately 66%. Installation image below, and the original animation is here.

[ ...06.19.08... Fake Myspace Page Now Obsolete ... ]

As of today, my Frozen Myspace Login Page is no longer convincing.

[ ...04.21.08... Holy Fire pics ... ]

We Make Money Not Art has posted some pics of the Holy Fire exhibition in Brussels, which includes my Color Sequencer.

[ ...04.6.08... Other Paul Slocum ... ]

[ ...03.30.08... Spirit Surfers ... ]

Kevin Bewersdorf and I have launched a new group blog called Spirit Surfers. Don’t know where it’ll go, but join us for the ride.

[ ...03.19.08... Show at VertexList this Weekend ... ]

I have a two-person show with Kevin Bewersdorf opening this weekend, Saturday March 22nd at VertexList in Brooklyn. Here are the details.

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