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sir sampleton (iOS)

cynthcart (C64)

synthcart (atari 2600)

seq. kit (atari 2600)

loopcart (atari 2600)

dot matrix synth

looper (win)


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magic carpet (iOS)

pi house generator


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homestar rpg (RIP)

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Archive for the 'DIY' Category

[ ...05.1.14... Kerberos C64 MIDI Cartridge ... ]

I’m adding MIDI support to Cynthcart for the new Kerberos Commodore 64 MIDI cartridge!!

[ ...04.21.08... Dorkbot DFW ... ]

(note: dorkbotdfw.org website is down, we’re working on it…)

We finally have a Dallas Dorkbot starting up. If you don’t know Dorkbot, it’s a group that meets regularly to share ideas, tools, and methods for artwork and music made with electricity, computers, and electronics. This includes circuit bending, hacking art, generative music, robotics, and so on. The original Dorkbot was started by Columbia professor Doug Repetto in NY, and the group now has local chapters in many cities around the world.

We are planning to have bi-monthly meetings, and the first meeting is this Sunday, April 27th at And/Or Gallery at 1pm. At the first meeting I will be speaking about some of my new music software, and Lars Larson will be talking about his synth modifications and other audio hacking. We will also have some open mic time for other people to talk about their projects, and we could actually use another official speaker for Sunday if anyone’s game.

If you are interested in this sort of thing please GET INVOLVED! Join our Google discussion group or contact me if you want to help out. We could actually probably use some volunteers to help with promotion, set up and tech for the meetings, and we need folding chairs. Also we are looking for more people to present their projects in the future. Join the google group or email me if you want to get on board.

[ ...09.24.07... Quantum Suicide ... ]

Sounds risky.

[ ...03.14.07... Cory/Hanne active links ... ]

I used phpBB to automatically convert Hanne/Cory’s new project into a page with active links for disabled users.

[ ...03.7.07... 2600 Synthcart MIDI kit ... ]

Highly Liquid has a 2600 MIDI kit that allows you to control the Synthcart thru MIDI.

[ ...06.29.06... DIY Laptop Battery Extender ... ]

I don’t do flights more than 4 hours enough to justify buying another battery for my laptop at $120, so I decided to make my own for cheap.

My laptop power supply is 19 volts, so I managed to find three extra 6-volt lead acid batteries from work. Two of them are 7Ah (amp-hours) and one is 4.5Ah. The smallest one will go first so I would have been better off weight-wise with three 4.5Ah batteries, but I took what I could get for free. I think if you shop around, you can find three 4.5’s for about $30.

My actual laptop battery is 4.4Ah, so this should easily double the time I can use my laptop. I haven’t tested the runtime yet, but I’ll report back. If I get another 7Ah battery, I should be able to get 150% more time. That’s about 9 hours on mine, easily enough for most flights.

I just zip-tied the batteries together, wired the 3 batteries in series to get about 18-19 volts, and wired up a connector that plugs into my laptop, plus a power input connector. This way I can charge my laptop battery and the extra battery at the same time. It’s pretty simple and with the free batteries it cost me about $5 for the power connectors from Radio Shack.

And a little warning: batteries don’t have much limiting on how much current they can provide. So be VERY careful to avoid a short. You could probably melt a screwdriver. I used heat shrink tubing on all the wiring and put RTV on the terminals to make sure it was all safe from shorts.

And also, airport security will almost certainly search your carryon with the battery since they won’t be able to see through it with the X-ray machine (it’s filled with lead). But it shouldn’t be any problem to take it on the plane.

[ ...05.26.06... Retro MP3 Player Speaker ... ]

1) Find a kinda cool old looking speaker at a thrift store. And if you don’t already have some, find some powered PC speakers that will fit or almost fit inside the old cool speaker box.

2) Take apart the old speaker and the PC speakers if necessary. My original plan was to remove the old speaker in the box and just put the PC speakers inside. But I tried hooking up the old speaker to the second output on the powered PC speaker, and it sounded pretty good. So I left it in there.

The picture looks complicated, but I didn’t really have to do any wiring. I just took the back off the PC speaker, and put the PC speaker and its guts into the old speaker box.

I faced the PC speaker out the back, which has some holes for the sound to come out. It won’t be stereo but the left and right coming out the front and back give it a vague sense of stereo.

3) Once you’ve crammed it all in there, you should just have a power cable and 1/8″ audio plug coming out the back. The PC speakers have a volume control, but I just set that at the max and will use my MP3 player to control the volume.

I happened to have a PC speaker that doesn’t use a wall wart, but most of them do require one. If you want to eliminate the wall wart, just put it inside the speaker cabinet, and plug it into an extension cord that runs out the back.

4) When you’re done, you have a pretty cool looking powered speaker for your MP3 player that cost almost nothing. Mine doesn’t sound fabulous, but it’s pretty good. It definitely sounds better than the PC speaker alone because the old speaker has a lot more low range.

If you’re willing hunt the thrifts for really good PC speakers and maybe a PC sub, and the right old skool cabinet to fit it all in, you could build a really awesome sounding one for not much more money. And if you want to go really crazy, you could mount a docking station on it.

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