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. . .


sir sampleton (iOS)

cynthcart (C64)

synthcart (atari 2600)

seq. kit (atari 2600)

loopcart (atari 2600)

dot matrix synth

looper (win)


> and/or gallery

> artwork catalog

> spirit surfers

magic carpet (iOS)

pi house generator


> tree wave

> softoft techech ep

older music


marble craze game

game music hacks

homestar rpg (RIP)

> Atari 2600
programming guide







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Archive for the 'my shows' Category

[ ...04.26.07... Speaking at Dallas Museum of Art tomorrow ... ]

I’ll be speaking on the art and technology panel tomorrow with Max Kazemzadeh and Dean Terry tomorrow. And I’ll be showing some of my new stuff that I’m working on…

starts at 7pm.

more info here

[ ...03.27.07... TreeWave Show Tonight in Austin w/ 8Bit!!! ... ]

yikes, should have posted this sooner. I’m performing before the showing of 8Bit at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown tonight. Marcin is supposed to be there too. cool.

[ ...03.15.07... Tree Wave in Dallas Sunday!!!! ... ]

hey, I’m playing at the Cavern in Dallas on Sunday with Menomena.

This will be the first live Tree Wave show with STEREOPHONIC SOUND!! I tried running one of the C64’s in stereo at a couple shows before, but it was a hassle and it was really unreliable. I’ve now got a C64 running reliably in stereo using a SID Symphony cartridge (a cart with an extra SID) with a cartridge port expander so I can also use my Cynthcart, and I’ve also got my 386 running in stereo by doing some tricky routing and adding a second BOSS Heavy Metal Pedal.

[ ...03.7.07... Road Agent Saturday ... ]

I’m in a group show at Road Agent in Dallas on Saturday with Ludwig Schwarz, Raychael Stine, Paul Slocum, Marshall Thompson, Richie Budd, Greg Ruppe, Titus O’Brien, Ryan Humphrey. I got a new(ish) Vectrex thing I did, pictured above.

[ ...03.6.07... SXSW ... ]

I’m doing a Tree Wave show (just me again) on Saturday at the huge Dorkbot that’s going on with SXSW Interactive. And I’m speaking on a SXSW interactive panel Sunday morning (ugh) at 10am, see schedule.

PS: I conceded a few weeks ago that I needed to play a show during SXSW Music, but all my connections to get shows already had everything booked solid and had waiting lists. If anyone has any hookups to get me a decent show, lemme know…

[ ...01.21.07... Brian Fridge at Dunn & Brown ... ]

I collaborated on the video piece that’s in Brian Fridge’s new show at Dunn & Brown. Dallas Morning News review here. Show runs till Feb 10th. The concurrent Chuck Close show at D&B ain’t bad either.

[ ...10.16.06... pics from VertexList ... ]

thanks to Marcin, Lauren Cornell, Cory, and everybody else that helped out!! and check it out, Tom wrote a nice mini-review. ah yeah, also thanks to Marisa for loaning me the Members Only. I forget that it gets cold up there!

[ ...10.14.06... Show at VertexList tonight!!! ... ]

Reminder that my solo show at VertexList opens tonight. It’s in Williamsburg: take the L to the Graham stop, then walk down Graham toward the BQE, cross under, and take your first left onto Bayard. It’ll be on your left about half way down Bayard. Cory and I will be performing around 9pm. I’ll be doing a short half-Tree Wave set.

[ ...10.4.06... My show at VertexList + more in NY ... ]

1) My first solo show opens at VertexList in Brooklyn next weekend as part of Rhizome’s 10 year anniversary set of events. The opening is Saturday night, Oct 14th. Cory Arcangel and I will both be performing at the opening. card:


2) I’ll be giving an artist talk at a Creative Commons Salon in NY the day before on Friday Oct 13th with Marisa Olson. It’s at Nublu in the East Village. Event starts at 6pm and I think I’ll be talking around 8pm.


3) The world premiere screening for Marcin’s 8 Bit Movie (that I’m in) is on Saturday, Oct 7th at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This is a documentary on video game art culture featuring people like Cory Arcangel, Alex Galloway, Ed Halter, Tom Moody, etc. From what I’ve read is pretty great. I’ll be at the premiere. Tickets are $10 and are available in advance at the MOMA box office. It’s possible that it may sell out.

official site


Tom Moody’s review

Paddy Johnson’s review

[ ...09.20.06... Tree Wave in Austin ... ]

Almost forgot to post this: we’re playing a show tomorrow at Bolm Studios in Austin, as part of Cinematexas. Also, JODI will have an installation, and I think Dirk will be speaking around 6:30. We play at 8:00. My understanding is that the show is free, and doesn’t require a Cinematexas badge.

[ ...08.10.06... show at VertexList ... ]

Rhizome just posted the info about their 10th anniversary events, which includes my solo show at VertexList in Williamsburg. I’m pretty stoked about this, and I’ll be showing a lot of the stuff that hasn’t been to NY yet.

[ ...07.31.06... new vidz ... ]

I’ve got two new videos and I’ll be showing one in NY and both in Dallas this week. In NY I’ll have “New Vertiform City” in the Manic and Wasted show put on by Plush, which opens Saturday and includes Eric Doeringer, Teresa O’Conner, and most of the Plush crew.

And then at Road Agent in Dallas on Friday I’ll be showing “New Vertiform City” and its companion video “I didn’t kill just one Husnock, or a hundred, or a thousand … I killed them all … all Husnock … everywhere.”

[ ...06.27.06... Tree Wave in The Hague ... ]

We’ll be performing Thus (the 29th) at Paard in The Hague (Holland) with SmashTV.

And then I’ll be speaking the next day at Tag talking about my gear and stuff.

[ ...06.14.06... Monekytown Semiennial ... ]

I’ll have some Tree Wave video stuff in the Monkeytown Semiennial this weekend in Brooklyn Curated by Sam Zimmerman and Montgomery Knott with Nick Hallett and Lee Wells.

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