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. .

. . .


sir sampleton (iOS)

cynthcart (C64)

synthcart (atari 2600)

seq. kit (atari 2600)

loopcart (atari 2600)

dot matrix synth

looper (win)


> and/or gallery

> artwork catalog

> spirit surfers

magic carpet (iOS)

pi house generator


> tree wave

> softoft techech ep

older music


marble craze game

game music hacks

homestar rpg (RIP)

> Atari 2600
programming guide







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[ ...05.23.07... LOL JODI W00T!! ... ]

Students write about the JODI show.

[ ...05.22.07... Dallas CADD art fair pics ... ]

And/Or went to an art fair, we’re all professional and serious now. It was just the top Dallas contemporary galleries, but it’s a start. And it went really, really well. Check out the pix:


I really don’t want to be a full-on dealer, but there’s actually a chance that we could break even this year, which is crazy and kinda cool!

FYI: CADD = Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas, and it’s a new invite-only organization of (most of) the top galleries in Dallas. More info here

[ ...05.15.07... CADD Art Fair this weekend ... ]

And/Or’s doing our first art fair in Dallas this weekend… we got the new(ish) Paper Rad video from the Armory and some books, one of the new JODI videos, Tom Moody, Nick Ackerman, John Michael Boling/Javier Morales, a few new Chad Hopper pieces, probably some stuff from our upcoming show with Lily Hanson and Jason Singleton…

Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas Art Fair

[ ...05.6.07... JODI + Arcangel Constantini opening ... ]

Got some pics of the opening and new show at And/Or with JODI and Arcangel Constantini. Pics of the New York portion of the show at VertexList here.

Arcangel performing with his crazy spark devices, and me frantically trying to get my gear ready for my set.

Big crowd, a lot of people just ended up hangin outside during the performance because it was so packed. Epcot Center.

JODI’s Untitled Game (Quake 1 hacks) on the yellow table, Arcangel’s Semimscope on the right, his SX-70 installation on the left, and his Zi-re-filme Palm Pilot video installation in the back.

The projection is JODI’s BCD, a Wolfenstein 3-D hack.

JODI’s awesome new Composite Club videos — Sony Eyetoy camera + cinema. The wall is chroma-key green.

Arcangel’s Atari Noise Como en Casa installation in the back gallery with a couple of Chad Hopper pieces integrated from our last show.

[ ...03.30.07... Malgorithm/Zorlon Cannon ... ]

OMG!! Demo video of the Malgorithm modular synth module, which does various realtime sampling rate and bit reduction. The Boss-Heavy-Metal-pedal / punching-holes-in-your-amps of the future. This video is amazing in so many ways.

Then there’s the Zorlon Cannon module which generates audio in a manner similar to early Atari 8-bit machines — creating a stream of repeating on/off signals (bits) at a variable rate to generate sound that ends up being very distinct.

Both of these modules are such an awesome tangent of technology and are the best kind of geek punk. More about them on The Harvestman website.

[ ...03.13.07... IdealWord ... ]

site of weird hybrid GIF/html (maybe other elements too) art. Found via that crazy videogramo pixelart site posted on VVORK a couple days ago.

[ ...02.28.07... Torch Computer in White ... ]

re: Torch art computers

[ ...02.27.07... Torch Computer detailed info ... ]

In continuation of the discussion at Tom’s blog and my post about showing video off computers in a gallery, below is the info from Torch Computers about their custom LCD panels with built-in computers for galleries.

The prices are manageable for the 19″ model, but the bigger models are pretty expensive. For a comparable screen with a Mac Mini, you’d probably pay about $2500. And 42″ is really big. I wish they had a mid-size model.

Also these prices don’t include shipping or VAT. I think VAT is around 15%, and my guess is that shipping will probably be $100-$400 to the states, depending on the model

Torch price summary, excluding taxes, duties, and shipping…
19″ model w/ 1GB flash and linux – $1169
19″ model w/ 40GB HD and Windows XP – $1307
42″ model w/ Windows XP – $8195
44″ model w/ Windows XP – $8843
dual 46″ model (two screens, one computer) – $15633

detailed info, emailed from Torch:
Dear Mr Slocum,

Thank you for your enquiry. I am pleased to tell some more about our company and products.

Galleries served:

Yvon Lambert, Paris
Yvon Lambert, New York
Lisson, London
Bryce Wolkowitz, New York
Galleria Max Estrella, Madrid
Arndt & Partner, Berlin
Jean Bernier, Athens
Baronian Francey, Brussels
Lehman Maupin, New York
Alan Cristea, London
Gagosian, New York
Kurimanzetto, Mexico City

Artists served:

Julian Opie
Shirazeh Houshiary
Michael Craig-Martin
Charles Sandison
Vuk Cosic
Jonathan Monk
Olia Lialina
Daniel Jackson
Stefan Gec
Thompson & Craighead


All of the products shown below are made specially to order. Lead times are normally 4-8 weeks but have been known to be longer because of component supply difficulties.

The rear parts of the units are normally painted black but can be other colours on request. The front bezel is supplied in whatever colour the purchaser wants. The most popular are black satin, white satin and silver metallic.

All units are provided with mounting kits to hang the unit flat on the wall in either landscape or portrait mode. All units are provided additionally with VESA mounting points that permit the use of standard screen mounting kits from a wide variety of manufacturers. The kits provided are especially designed to minimise the distance between the unit and the wall, and normally this distance is no more than about 3-4 mm.

Whichever way the units are hung, the appearance is neat and uncluttered. There are no visible labels or logos, all connectors and cables are hidden, except for the mains power lead, which is supplied in white to reduce the visual impact as it runs from the unit to the power outlet across a white wall, which is the usual colour in galleries.

All units are provided with cable management exit points and allow the cable to exit sideways or downwards or straight into the wall so eliminating visible cable altogether.

All units are designed to be operated on both 110/120VAC and 220/240VAC, on either 50Hz or 60Hz.

All prices exclude shipment charges, duties and and taxes.

19″ LCD screen, 1280×1024 resolution, with built-in mini-ITX computer, type Via MII-10000, with built-in 1GHz CPU, 256MB RAM.

There are two versions of this. The Linux version comes with a flash memory of 1GB and operating software that reads a web page from a USB pendrive, also supplied, that is displayed on the screen without any visible indication that it is a browser. That is, there are no visible frames, scroll bars, menu bars, tool bars, etc. This version is priced at £595.00.

The other version is supplied with a 40GB hard disk drive and Windows XP Home. This is priced at £665.00.

42″ LCD screen, 1366×768 resolution, with built-in computer having a 2GHz Celeron processor, 512MB RAM, 40GB hard disk and Windows XP Home. This unit is also fitted with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) whose purpose is to protect the computer and its software from power irregularities. This greatly improves the reliability of the system as a whole. This unit is priced at £4168.00

46″ LCD screen, 1366×768 resolution, with built-in computer having a 2GHz Celeron processor, 512MB RAM, 40GB hard disk and Windows XP Home. This unit is also fitted with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) whose purpose is to protect the computer and its software from power irregularities. This greatly improves the reliability of the system as a whole. This unit is priced at £4498.00

We will shortly have a new version of the 46″ screen with an Intel T7200 Core 2 Duo processor running at 2GHz. This version will cost the same as the Celeron version, but it is not ready yet. This version will also have the option of a multihead graphics card that will allow it to drive 2, 3 or 4 connected screens. A pair of screens operating as a diptych is priced at £7, 961.00.

Best regards

Jon Dane
Torch Computers Ltd

[ ...02.22.07... And/Or #8 Saturday!! ... ]

And/Or Gallery Show #8:
Chad Hopper + John Michael Boling and Javier Morales

This is our second showing of painting and collage by Austin-based Chad Hopper, and one of the first gallery shows of the quickly rising video and net artist team from New York, John Michael Boling and Javier Morales. This show’s going to be weird and great, come check it out!

February 24th – March 31st
opening reception Saturday, February 24th 6pm-9pm

more info at www.andorgallery.com


Also going on this weekend in Dallas…

Friday night at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, a (semi) narrative video show curated by John Pomara, Dean Terry & Joan Davidow. It includes a video from Michael Bell-Smith and some other stuff that looks cool too. More info here.

And there’s a new show at Plush opening Saturday night, and a show opening at the Fort Worth Modern on Sunday that includes Loretta Lux

[ ...02.19.07... Showing Video via Computers ... ]

I’m still here. I meant to post this a long time ago and I was reminded today as I was setting up a Michael Bell-Smith video for this upcoming show (more about that later)…

We’ve showed some videos off Mac Mini at the gallery and it’s a major hassle, but this covers the problems and final solution MBS and I came up with. Probably applies to other Macs too. And I’ve shown some of my own stuff off a PC, so I wrote a guide for that too. The goal is for the machine to run without a mouse or keyboard and for the video to start automatically when you turn on the machine and loop, full-screen.


First what doesn’t work: you can set up a QTL file (sort of a little script) to launch the video in Quicktime with full-screen mode and loop mode. Problem is that if you set this as a start up item and turn it on without a mouse plugged in, the pointer sits in the upper left corner and makes the menu appear even in full-screen mode. I’ve found no way around this, and I spent a lot of time on it. Another problem is that sometimes Quicktime doesn’t hide the mouse pointer, or it may appear for no reason after the video has been playing a while. I also tried the popular VLC player which solved some of these problems, but it didn’t scale or handle high bit-rate videos as well (jerky playback).

The solution Michael came up with which works pretty well is to use the Save Hollywood screensaver. It allows you to play Quicktime movies full screen as a screensaver. You just install it, go to the options, select the video you want to show, and set the screensaver time to the minimum time, 3 minutes. Also make sure the computer is set up to never go to sleep. Then when you turn on the computer, it will start looping the video full screen after 3 minutes. To turn it off just hold the power button. The other nice thing is that you don’t have to buy (pirate) Quicktime Pro to play videos full-screen. Only downside is that the minimum screensaver time is 3 minutes, but it’s not that much of an issue — just annoying when you’re trying to test it.

Also, make sure you shut the computer down properly (instead of holding the power button) the first time you get everything set up. Otherwise it won’t save all the settings changes.


Also quick guide to doing the same thing on a PC: Open your Start Menu->Programs and copy the Windows Media Player link to the “Startup” folder (hold CTRL+click drag). Then right click on the new Windows Media Player link in Startup and choose properties. In the target box at the end of the line, add the switch /fullscreen and the path and filename of your video in double-quotes, so it should look something like this:

“C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe” /fullscreen “C:\My Documents\My Videos\16×16.avi”

After that’s set up, run Windows Media Player from the Start Menu and turn on repeat so videos always loop, and test it by going to the Start Menu and running Media Player from the new shortcut you’ve set up. It should play full screen and loop.

Then in the Control Panel, go to Power Options and make sure your computer is set to never go to sleep after inactivity. And on the Advanced tab in Power Options, set it so that pressing the power button shuts the computer down. Then you just press the power button to turn it on, and again to shut it off. Makes it really easy for the gallery to turn on and off.

Display Resolution:

And for both Mac and PC, you must make sure that the display resolution is set correctly for whatever display you’re using. A lot of times these days this will be an LCD monitor or video projector. Look up the native resolution of the display device and set your computer to whatever that it. This will minimize any scaling artifacts. If it’s a CRT this is less important, but you still need to make sure the resolution fits the aspect ratio of the monitor.

Computer Speed vs. Hidef:

I forgot to add this: high definition video requires a LOT of speed from the computer. The Mac Mini core solo pretty much can’t do high def, except it can do 480p. 480p is twice the visual data of a DVD since it isn’t interlaced, and it looks dramatically better than DVD for some types of videos, like Michael Bell-Smith’s stuff with a lot of pixel-perfect edges and fields of uniform color. I’ve read that the Mac Mini core duo can do 720p okay, but neither can do 1080 anything. So if you’re doing high def you can’t skimp on the processor and video card. A good amount of memory probably won’t hurt either.

[ ...01.22.07... arttorrents ... ]

http://arttorrents.blogspot.com/ cool.

[ ...12.8.06... Wow, So Simple ... ]

Moving Pixel Portraits (change window size to change image)

by Oliver Laric

other portaits

[via vvwork]

[ ...11.7.06... holy shit ... ]


[ ...10.19.06... Cory’s show ... ]

cool, here are pics and info about the stuff in Cory’s new show at team. Looks like we’ll be showing some of it an And/Or next year too…

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