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Archive for the 'vidya games' Category

[ ...04.3.06... Bob Ross video game ... ]

Bob Ross inc. has announced a Bob Ross painting game for the DS and Revolution (and PC). What better use for Nintendo’s cool controllers?????

[ ...03.4.06... Insane Mario 3 hack ... ]

This guy made a ridiculously elaborate hack of Super Mario 3. It’s basically Super Mario 4. New levels, new powerups, new enemies, new graphics, etc.

[thnx matt]

[ ...03.1.06... Hario ... ]

US Super Mario 2 hack by some kid.

[ ...12.12.05... Gameboy Bling ... ]

I can’t believe I took so long to post this. ($25,000)

[thnx jermy]

[ ...11.27.05... Atari 2600 Pitfall Speed Run ... ]

Thomas Jentzsch made a pitfall speed run programatically by hacking the Z26 (Atari 2600) emulator to allow for scripted controls. Here’s an easy-to-run version of the modified emulator with the pitfall ROM. Just run the batch file (sorry, ms windows only).

The simplicity and smart design of Pitfall make programming a speed run a new game in itself. A new angle on stuff like RSG’s Super Mario Tablature and the Combat hack that we (treewave) perform live.

[ ...10.27.05... GIZMONDO ... ]

omg, how did I miss this! You really wouldn’t think it could get worse than the game.com as far as handheld videogame systems, but Tiger’s at it again with the Gizmondo. A handheld system that takes 48 seconds to start up and costs $400, unless you’re willing to watch ads every day. More info here.

And check out the awesome intro on the official website.

Also, it appears that the company and some of the top executives involved may have some sketchy stuff going on.

[ ...09.8.05... Flashback 2 hacking ... ]

that Flashback 2 is a new Atari 2600 console that’s out now, and I think it’s available at Target and places like that. The original Flashback was actually running simulations of Atari 2600 games on NES hardware, which is weird, but generally sucks. The Flashback 2 makes up for it with a complete recreation of the Atari 2600 circuitry, so it is an Atari 2600 and plays exactly like an original one. And the Flashback 2 and Atari 2600 controllers are interchangeable.

And what really rules is that you can hack it and add a cartridge port so it plays Atari 2600 cartridges. Requires quite a bit of soldering since you have to wire up all 24 cartridge port pins, but to get a tiny Atari with A/V out for $30, it’s not bad. Bob Colbert even put original Atari 2600 switches on his.

[ ...09.2.05... MMC64 ... ]

I got an MMC64 cartridge a couple of days ago and checked it out tonight. It’s a Commodore 64 cartridge that costs about $70 (shipped to the US) and lets you load and save stuff on an MMC or Secure Digital flash card. You can quickly load and run PRG files (single load programs), load and play SID files with its built-in SID player software, write D64 disk images to a real C64 disk, and read real C64 disks to a D64 file.

It’s designed well (nice mostly user-friendly menu at startup) and the instructions are good. The SID player works pretty well, although a few of the SIDs I threw at it didn’t play.

PRG files load great, but most games come in T64 tape image or D64 disk image files, which the MMC64 can’t load directly off flash since it’s unable to emulate a disk drive. Some D64 and T64 games only require a single load, and those can be converted to PRG files using something like Star Commander.

Multi-load games in D64 format that can’t be converted to PRGs can at least be transferred to an actual disk using the MMC64 and then can be played off disk, although that’s not nearly as sweet as quickly loading them off a cartridge. I’ve read that it takes about 10 minutes to tranfer to and from disk. The old method of using Star Commander and that cable that connects the C64’s disk port to the PC’s parrallel port was faster, but can be a huge pain in the ass to get working. And they claim they’re working on speeding up the MMC64’s disk transfer process (you can upgrade the MMC64 BIOS through the flash card when they release updates).

An interesting trick I figured out is that you can use (the ROM image of) a snapshot cartridge like Action Replay with the VICE emulator to take a snapshot of the C64’s state and save it as a PRG file that will load on the MMC64. So games like Racing Destruction Set that are multi-load but don’t require more loading once the game is started can be captured at the start of a race and then loaded on the MMC64. This rules since Racing Destruction Set is an amazing game, but has ridiculous load times. Another cool trick would be to do the initial load of a multi-load game into the emulator, and then capture it. You’ll still need the disk in the drive to play, but you can start up the game much faster by doing the initial load off the MMC64.

The board has a cartridge pass-through connector. I tried inserting my SID Symphony (stereo SID) cartridge and loading the Cynthcart, but it didn’t activate the SID cart after it was loaded. It seems that the cartridge pass-through is only enabled if you don’t load anything off the MMC. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but if not, I’m going to email them about adding pass-through support after loading off the MMC.

[ ...08.30.05... The Wonderful Star’s Walk is Wonderful ... ]

level selection music from Katamari Damacy.

[ ...07.7.05... we love katamari preview ... ]

1up posted a preview of the new katamari game. I put the hirez preview video (53MB) on my server so you can download it faster (it was crawling when I got it off 1up earlier).

[ ...06.30.05... katamari damacy ... ]

This is really out of date, but I finally got to play this game, and I know a lot of people who have also never played it. For those out of the loop, it’s a PS2 game that came out a while ago where you roll a sticky ball around and have to roll up as much stuff as you can. You start off rolling up stuff like dice and thumbtacks, and later on you get big enough to roll up stuff like cars and buildings.

I knew this game was awesome, but I had no idea how crazy and amazing it was. The music is fantastic, and the scenarios and videos are nuts. This is something new in the video game world. It really borders on avante garde because it’s so easy — the challenge of the game is not terribly important to its enjoyment. It’s more just about doing it.

And it was made by a small team of independent developers. Hopefully the Nintendo Revolution opening up the modern console world to hobbyist developers through downloadable games will result in more stuff like this.

Really worth renting a PS2 just to check this thing out.

[ ...06.20.05... rock, paper, scissors for Atari 2600 ... ]
Billy Eno is on top of it

[ ...06.14.05... super mario pac ... ]
weird, a fan-made unlicensed Super Mario game for PC that sounds pretty great. Download it while you can!

[ ...05.31.05... genesis ... ]
Genesis Programming Guide

I managed to compile my first Genesis ROM this weekend. (compiled, not assembled! (although technically it was also assembled, but well anyway, you know what I mean!!)) More soon…

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