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[ ...09.12.16... Cynthcart v2 Now Available! ... ]

Cynthcart version 2 is now available for Commodore 64 with an arpeggiator, MIDI support, and many new sounds and features. Replicas of Datel MIDI carts are also available.

Check out a demo of the new sounds here!


[ ...12.8.14... MIDI Cynthcart now available! ... ]

The Kerberos cartridge with the new MIDI Cynthcart is now available for purchase.

[ ...05.1.14... Kerberos C64 MIDI Cartridge ... ]

I’m adding MIDI support to Cynthcart for the new Kerberos Commodore 64 MIDI cartridge!!

[ ...12.10.12... New Sir Sampleton demo video ... ]

I made a new Sir Sampleton video showing some of the features of Audiobus, the new system that allows apps to stream audio between each other and work like VSTs. This video shows recording, sequencing, and sampling from other apps. Now that iOS apps can exchange both MIDI and audio in real time, I think we will be seeing a lot of new interesting music production apps by independent developers.

[ ...11.27.12... Code/Source Released for Past Projects ... ]

While updating my website, I finally posted public links for the source and binaries of a few of my projects that previously had not been available. You can now download Looper sample sequencer for Windows, my Pi House Generator that generates house music from the digits of pi, and my Dot Matrix Synthesizer for the Epson LQ-500 printer.


[ ...01.22.12... Sir Sampleton in WSJ ... ]

my app Sir Sampleton is in the Wall Street Journal this weekend!

[ ...10.13.11... Sir Sampleton 1.6: Sample Emailing! ... ]

Sir Sampleton 1.6 came out yesterday and now allows you to email samples for trading with friends, backup, and transferring between devices. You can also load Sir Sampleton sample pack files directly from Safari on an iOS device, which means it’s now possible to set up sample library webpages. If anyone comes up with some good sample sets, send em my way. I will probably eventually be starting a sample library page myself.

[ ...06.11.11... MIDI on Sir Sampleton ... ]

New version of Sir Sampleton was released yesterday with support for the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer.

For the next update, I’m working on CoreMIDI support and a multitimbral mode that allows you to put a different sample on each channel. The multitimbral mode is now operational, and it turns the app into a pretty serious sampler that I’m now using extensively for my own music. Rather than manually assigning each sample to a MIDI channel, I simply mapped each of the 12 saved preset samples in Sir Sampleton to their own MIDI channel, making it so easy.

[ ...05.20.11... Sir Sampleton now supports AKAI Synthstation 25 ... ]

This week I released a new version of my iPhone sampler app sir Sampleton with support for the AKAI Synthstation 25 keyboard dock. The Synthstation 25 is about the size of a Casio SK-1 and can run on batteries, so it’s super portable. The design is not perfect but it’s pretty good and I’ve been using it regularly for my own music now. I plan to roll out a few more updates to Sir Sampleton soon including support for other MIDI devices, more sound settings, multiple sample-banks.


[ ...11.30.10... sir Sampleton iPhone App Demo Video ... ]

Below is a demo video of my first iPhone App called sir Sampleton, which was released last week and is available in the App Store now for $3. It’s a simple sampling keyboard, similar to a Casio SK-1 and other toy sampling keyboards from the 80’s. Features: a random beat generator, the ability to save samples, built-in sounds, dual-sample mode, editable sound parameters.

sir Sampleton is the first release from my new software company SOFTOFT TECHECH. In the next few months I plan to release more simple music apps, followed by a game.

[ ...07.15.10... iPhone Music App Rough Demo ... ]

This is a rough demo of a new iPhone music app that I plan to release in a few weeks. It’s a sort of musical instrument/meditation tool/artwork. The patterns are made from images of spinning quilts and rugs, and the audio is shifting loops of contemporary Christian music played backwards. The final version will have more advanced sound control and several modes with different samples, spin patterns, and sound options. I will probably also be porting it to Android.

[ ...11.17.09... C64 Cynthcart MIDI Interface ... ]

Niels van Dijkhuizen made a MIDI interface for the Cynthcart that does it all through simulating keypresses and paddle movement:

[ ...01.7.09... DSP Music FAQ ... ]


[ ...09.22.08... Making Guitar Sounds w/ 1992 Dream Team game ... ]

Using the 1992 Olympic Dream Team game against Croatia to make Jesus & Mary Chain guitar sounds:

original song + basketball samples = *really* noisy guitar sound

also there is no guitar in this at all, it’s all FM synthesis. more later…

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